About Econica

"Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable."

We are a Canadian-based boutique & design company specializing in organic apparel and lingerie for women.

All of Econica's custom-made clothing is ethically produced in Ontario, Canada using organic and eco-friendly materials. 

 Woman-owned and operated, Econica was founded in 2008 in search of clothes that were comfortable and well-fitted, embodying not only timeless style but also reflecting our strong beliefs in a sustainable, Earth-friendly way of life. 

Now, using as many organic and responsibly produced materials as possible, we strive to keep our collections small and beautifully unique, without compromising luxury and outstanding quality of Econica's garments. Each and every piece of our luxurious organic apparel, lingerie or cashmere line is carefully designed and meticulously created by hand right here in Ontario, Canada.

When offering our custom-tailored, often one-of-kind pieces, we want everyone to look beautiful and in the same time feel good about the way it was made.

Love, Econica Team

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