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A Guide to Well-Fitted Bra - your investment in comfort and style

How to find a perfect bra: Everything you need to know.

How to shop for a perfect bralette | Econica  Canadian bra shop

It can be tricky to shop for a perfect bralette. But bras and bralettes aren’t uncomfortable by default. Not unless you are wearing the wrong size!

Follow these 4 steps when shopping for a perfect bralette or bra to get the best fit for you:

1. The cup size misconception.

According to numerous studies up to 80% of women wear the wrong size bra simply based on common assumptions of what a B-cup or a D-cup supposedly looks like. The trouble is that these assumptions are quite often wrong. Your cup size alone doesn’t say anything about the size of your breasts. It’s merely an indicator of the difference between your band size (the circumference of your back just below your breasts) and the circumference of your breasts. Only together with your band size does your cup size reflect the actual volume of your breasts. For example if you have a small frame and narrow ribcage you can be an E-cup with an average-sized breasts. 

2. The band size importance.

Quite often women OVER-estimate the band size they need. Unlike custom-made bras and bralettes, most lingerie brands stock standard band sizes from 32 onwards. The truth is that a 32 band size is actually closer to the middle rather than the lower end of the range, and it doesn’t correspond to an XS in women's clothes sizes. If you are petite or have a narrow back you may need as low as a 28 or even a 26 band size for a proper breast support. Bras are designed to distribute the majority of the weight across your back. But to be able to do that, your bra needs to be tight enough so it can firmly hold onto your ribcage. If your band is just kind of floating on top of your shoulder blades it is too loose. 


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3. Sister sizes: The secret to finding a bra that actually fits.

Sister sizes are bra sizes that have the same cup volume. For example: 34C and 32D are sister sizes. Rule of thumb: As you go down a band size, you go up a cup size, and vice versa. Understanding how sister sizes work will make it easier to nail down your correct size as you try on different styles and brands bralettes and bras. For example if you find the band on your 34B size bra is way too tight, you could up your band size to 36, but down your cup size to get the same volume, and end up with a sister size 36A. 

4.  Shape and material matter too.

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Finding a great bra takes more than knowing your true size. From luxurious natural silk and organic cotton bralettes to glued on assembly line fast fashion bras, knowing the shape that fits YOUR unique breasts will make all the different when shopping for a perfect bra. 

Love, Econica 

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I can never find a bra that makes me look good and fits well. The only one I I loved was made by Olga and since living in this little hick town now one sells it and the ones I tried on are uncomfortable.

Beverley Gnoyke

Thanks so much for this post! I had no idea about sister sizes! Very helpful.


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