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How to find ethically produced women’s clothing

What to look for when you are buying sustainable and organic clothing for yourself or your loved ones? 

Here are 3 important steps to ensure the clothes you’re buying are truly  sustainable and ethically made:

1. Invest in quality clothing. Pay a little extra for a much better quality. Many sustainable clothing companies are working against the trends of fast fashion. The garments produced are made with eco-friendly fabrics and built-in strong worker protections. This comes with a price tag. Sustainably-made dress or undergarments would typically cost a bit more than comparable fast-fashion mass-produced products. 

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2. Sustainable fabric choice. Eco-friendly fabrics have a low carbon footprint.  They don’t require lots of water or toxic chemicals, either for growing or processing and fabric manufacturing. Plus you get instant gratification of supporting the greater good of the planet. 

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3. Fair Working conditions for all employees. Treating employees fairly in the workplace is a moral responsibility of each employer. A dress made from the greenest fabric on the planet still can’t be considered ethical if it was assembled by a worker who toils for 16 hours a day in an unsafe, hot warehouse and still can’t earn a living wage. Pay attention to where your clothing was manufactured. A $12 dress manufactured in Bangladesh would almost always raise red flags. Opt for local artists and small scale production brands instead.

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    By shopping strategically and doing your research, you can build a beautiful, functional wardrobe that’s both ethical and earth-friendly without spending any more on clothes than you do now.

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    Great read! I am having hard times finding organic clothes for kids, especially boys! WOudl love to see you add kids line to your collection!


    Also it’s important to keep your eyes open to greenwashing. Like fast fashion giants such as H&M have come out with “conscious” clothing lines. But their business model does not support sustainability at all. Shop Small scale brands, people!


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