Floral breathable face mask

$16.00 USD

Washable face mask with filter pocket.

Bright and colorful cotton face mask.
Outside layer: high quality woven cotton satin.
Lining: unbleached and untreated organic cotton cloth.

  • Comfortable and snug-fitting
  • Adjustable elastic ear loops
  • This mask has a pocket for additional cloth layer or filter insert for extra protection. It can be used either way: with or without insert.

Insert ideas:

  • cotton gauze
  • woven cotton
  • N95 medical filter patch

Ships within 3-5 business days.

  • Shipping time to USA: 5-8 days (estimated)
  • Shipping time to Canada: 2-5 days (estimated)
  • Shipping overseas: 8-20 days (estimated)
    Washing instructions:
    Machine or hand wash on warm/hot cycle. Tumble dry on hot or iron on hot.

    Important note: this mask does not replace surgical mask or N95 mask in terms of protection level.

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