Spring Essentials.

By Econica Team
on April 07, 2017

Discover great wardrobe essentials.

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Spring 2017 fashion trends

By Econica Team
on March 14, 2017

Green is in style. Embrace the green in you with our fresh Spring 2017 fashion trends. 

cotton bralette
green fashion trends

7 winter must-haves & essentials.

By Econica Team
on February 09, 2017

7 winter must-haves & essentials.

These fabulous fashion & skincare finds will help you navigate winter season in style.

7 winter must-haves

1. Luxurious cashmere underwear.

Just because the weather is bleak, doesn't mean your wardrobe choices have to be. Opt for our luxurious cashmere undies to keep you warm and cozy without feeling overdressed. 

2. Stylish infinity neck warmer.

When it comes to keeping warm, it's usually best to opt for function over fashion, which is why Lafayette Cashmere hand knit tube scarf is the perfect choice as it's a little bit off both.

3. Elegant (& comfortable) winter boots.

Let's be honest - most winter footwear is not office-friendly. But there are always exceptions, like these Faux Fur Suede ankle boots by Anne Klein. They have a look that will take you in style from the slushy winter streets right into the office.

4. Stylish gloves.

Protecting your hands from harsh winter temperature and elements is often overlooked. Pair these stunning leather gloves by Boutique Moschino with your coat or jacket for an ultra glam winter look.

5. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.

Skin exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface in order to bring younger, healthier skin cells to the front. Exfoliating in winter months is especially important because of the dry  cold air. Pink Clay exfoliating mask by Herbivore is great to use before a night out or anytime your skin needs some extra nourishing and TLC.

6. Give your lips some TLC.

Your lips are especially sensitive to cold weather and cold wind. Keep them well protected with Matcha Mint vegan lip balm by Curious Apothecary. Get the benefits of green tea, delicious flavour of peppermint and Argan oil.

7. Take winter supplements.

Winter drags many of us down. It sucks up our energy, causes joint inflammation and pain, leaves us with the sniffles and seasonal flu. Choosing the right supplement such as Vitamin Boost by KAYO will help you get through cold, winter months and give you skin the supplemental nutrition it needs.


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5 Valentine's Day gift ideas for men

By Econica Team
on February 04, 2017

5 Valentine's Day gift ideas for men

When it comes to Valentine's Day gift shopping it can get tricky when you don't have a plan.

Here are 5 brilliant Valentine's Day gift ideas, that are both unique and elegant to please the man in your life:

Think outside the box. Candy and flowers are nice, but special people deserve special gifts. Even if you're in a relationship, it may not be all about roses and candy for you. Perhaps you feel pressured or fear the repercussions of an unhappy Valentine.

1. Chocolate chip & bacon pancakes.

We all know how hard it can be to shop for a husband. But it turns out most men want simple things, like chocolate and bacon…a weird combination that sounds perfect for this Valentine’s Day! Surprise your hubby with a delicious breakfast of pancakes with chocolate and bacon. They taste amazing! Recipe here.

chocolate pancakes

2. Tools & gadgets.

Even though it is not quite as romantic as breakfast in bed, tools and multi-tool gadgets make fantastic Valentine’s gift for the man in your life. Columbia River Knife can be purchased here.

multi tool gadgets

3. Scented candles.

Always a popular choice! Most men won't admit this but they love them all the same. There are lots of choices with elegant masculine scents out there like this Italian Bergamot Candle by ChandlerCandle. Shop here.

masculine candle

4. External battery for his phone.

Cell phone chargers come in a variety of options, including vehicle chargers, wireless charging pads and charging docks. A solar phone charger that sticks on to your window and gives you a nice, eco-friendly charge? Sounds like a fantastic idea. Shop here.

Solar phone charger

5. Comfy underwear.

Men deserve comfy luxurious underwear too. 
The sheer number of choices in style and material means that you might just find your perfect pair, like our super soft handmade briefs and shorts. Shop here

Men's organic underwear




How to choose the right fabric type for you.

By Econica Team
on January 22, 2017

How to choose the right fabric type for you.

Fabric type guide.

When for shopping for fabric or clothing, we  pay attention not only to style and fit but also to fabric it's made of. Does it stretch? Does it have a soft feel? Is this fabric natural or synthetic? 

Modern fabrics are either woven or knitted, and can be made from animal fibres (wool and silk), plant fibres (such as cotton and linen) or man-made fibres (like polyester and nylon).

Difference between woven and knitted fabric.

Knitted fabrics are more stretchy than woven ones. 

In knit fabric one continuous thread is looped repeatedly to create what looks like tiny rows of braids. In woven fabric multiple threads of yarn cross each other at right angles to create the grain like a basket weave.

fabric types woven knit

Image: Thread Magazine

Fabric content.

With a help of modern technology we are able to create fabrics using just about about any type of material like seaweed or carbon. it would take pages to describe them all. So are some basic and commonly used for sewing and fashion design fabric types:

  • Cotton – the most popular natural fiber fabric. Can be woven of knit.  Both types come in many different weights from light-weight handkerchiefs to heavy canvas. Cotton is often used in a wide range of clothing from baby garments to heavy duty accessories. Fabrics like denim, moleskin and corduroy are generally made from cotton.


  • Linen (flax) – made from a linen plant fiber. Slightly coarse, it is one of the oldest fabric types used in a history of our civilization and goes back to Ancient Egyptian times. Both woven and knit linen is easy to wear and comes in a variety of weights. It tends to crease a lot and is often blended with cotton. it is great for use in light summer clothing and home decor.


  • Silk – luxurious and shiny fabric made from silkworm cacoon, often used for high-end underwear, blouses and dresses. Can be woven or knit.


  • Wool – one of the most popular and versatile natural fabrics. it can be knitted or woven. Woollen fabrics are often made into suits, coats and tailored skirts and trousers. Very soft and breathable merino wool knits are mostly used for baby wear and luxury underwear.


  • Polyester and nylon – synthetic woven or knit fabrics. It is durable and generally creese-resistant. It is a popular choice for big mainstream apparel companies which manufacture cheap and often low quality clothing. 


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